AI for Good Summit

What is AI for Good Summit?

The AI for Good Summit is the leading United Nations platform for dialogue on AI. It identifies practical applications of AI and supporting strategies to improve the quality and sustainability of life on our planet and formulates strategies to ensure trusted, safe and inclusive development of AI technologies and equitable access to their benefits.
As the UN specialized agency for information and communication technologies, ITU is well placed to guide AI innovation towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development ​Goals. We are providing a neutral close quotation markplatform for international dialogue aimed at ​building a ​common understanding of the capabilities of emerging AI technologies.​​
- Houlin Zhao, Secretary General ​of ITU

The Committee Agenda

The OC presents the following as the agenda for the committee "Advancing Human Rights and Development through Artificial Intelligence "

Introducing your EB

Dhruv Thakker

Dhruv is an aspiring lawyer. Having his fair share of experience in both the Bangalore and the Mumbai circuit he has attended over 50 Model UNs both as a delegate and as an executive board member. This Executive Board member has experience in almost all types of committees namely, UNSC, DISEC, Crisis, UNHRC, Lok Sabha, and ECOSOC. He believes that Model UNs are all about the experience and the knowledge gained. Apart from attending Model UNs, you can find him at various literary events. He is a huge fan of Game of Thrones and the MCU.

Single Delegation: ₹250