Minsitry of Education (MoE)

What is MoE?

The Ministry of Education (MoE), formerly the Ministry of Human Resource Development, is a Ministry of GoI responsible for the implementation of the National Policy on Education. The Ministry is further divided into two departments: the Department of School Education and Literacy, which deals with primary, secondary and higher secondary education, adult education and literacy, and the Department of Higher Education, which deals with university level education, technical education, scholarships, etc. 

The Committee Agenda

The OC presents the following as the agenda for the committee "Discussion over the National Education Policy 2020: With special emphasis on creation of a legislative framework.

Introducing your EB

Drasti Jain

Drasti Jain is a 3rd year Law student at Government Law College, Mumbai. The first time she actually did an MUN was in the 5th grade, when her Social Studies teacher made them simulate the UN to better learn about the organisation and as a young student that had a huge impact on her. She learnt that we can actually make a change and being aware of the problem is the first step towards coming to a solution, and that is exactly the kind of opportunity MUNs provide us with, which she hopes will be replicated here. She welcomes all the delegates and wishes them good luck for the conference!

Aditya Trivedi
Deputy Moderator

Aditya is a second year student of law at Government Law College, Mumbai. Being an exception to the usual saying, he is a jack and master of all. His attention to detail and perfection in execution makes him bring nothing but solutions to the table. Dont confuse his jovial face for innocence, he has a lot of eccentricities behind his smile!

Single Delegation: ₹250