SIES GST MUN 2023 Prospectus: Click Here to Download


1) What are the benefits of registering for SIESGST MUN?

SIESGST MUN presents you with an opportunity to overcome any fears of public speaking and showcase your prowess over the current happenings around the globe. It provides you with a platform to learn and grow in the art of diplomacy and negotiation.

2) What should I research about the Committee?

It is very important to have done a research on the purpose, power, membership and procedure of the committee.

3) What should I wear?

Since you will be representing your country at an International platform, the dress code will strictly be a formal attire.

4) What are tips to perform well in MUN as a first timer?

i) The first step is to have done a proper research of the agenda which you could note down in a notebook for reference.
ii) Frame your topics and speeches in such a way that it highlights the issues that matter the most to your country or your position.
iii) Speeches that try to cover too many ideas at the same time are incoherent, hence focus on one idea at a time.
iv) Most importantly, do not get nervous. Ask questions if you don’t understand something.

5) What skills will I need to participate?

As a delegate it is important to have done proper research on the committee. You could improve your skills in public speaking, writing and debating to improve your overall performance.

6) What do I need to prepare?

Researching is the first and most important step in preparing for a conference. Not only is it necessary to have a grasp on information about the country you are representing and its position on the policies being discussed, it is also important to understand the UN body that your committee is representing.

7) What are the prizes if I win SIESGST MUN?

Prizes worth Rs.6000 are on offer for the “Best Delegate” and the “Best Delegation”.